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Confidentiality Statement
What information we collect from you (Users)
What do we do with the information collected from you (Users)
Personal information Deletion Request
How do I find my privacy options?
Third Parties

This is our solemn promise.

Confidentiality Statement
We keep your contact and assignment information completely private and safe. We
only use your information to improve your user experience and to send you
assignment-related information, as specified in our client service agreement and terms
and conditions.

You can opt-out from our mailing list at any time by simply sending an unsubscribe
request to

What information we collect from you (Users)

Through our services, websites, mobile applications, and other interactive elements
owned by The Nursing Assignment , we collect large amounts of data every day. This
information is also used to govern and resolve disputes, conduct legitimate business,
and make legal choices. We take all legal precautions to guarantee that your
information is saved, managed, and safeguarded in accordance with this privacy

Cookies, web beacons, analytics, and other target-based advertising technologies are
also used to collect user information automatically. Certain pieces of information are
automatically recorded whenever you visit or interact with our websites, and we may
keep or utilise that record to facilitate user-to-user contact and for your convenience.
This could be tied to the type of service or material you use, as well as the frequency
and length of your sessions.

We understand that your privacy is important to you when using our services. To
safeguard the security of your personal information, The Nursing Assignment  has
described the privacy policy. The following are some other noteworthy points:

1. Your information is not shared with the experts (tutors) and vice versa. It is to
ensure that the privacy of both clients and specialists is protected. We can connect you
with an expert to help you with questions about your order, but we will not allow any
parties to share contact information.

2. The assignment solutions you receive will be kept on our database for a minimum
of three months and will not be utilised for any other purpose.

3. Payment information connected to debit/credit cards is kept private during every
transaction on our services. According to the statutory provisions that govern internet
payments, we assure 100 percent compliance with legal duties and utilise payment
gateways that are genuine and confirmed. When you make an online payment for our
services, we do not have access to any of your bank or card information that you enter
during the payment process.

4. In the event of any disputes or claims relating to the order, we may be required to
send the facts to our payment partners in order to resolve the issue. It is not a violation
of your privacy because it is a legal procedure that must be followed in the event of a
disagreement about the service supplied.

What do we do with the information collected from you (Users)

Within the company’s digital foundation, all user information is kept private and
protected. We only utilise it for a range of commercial goals, such as analysing and
improving the services we provide to our legitimate interests. This includes, but is not
limited to, the following:

  • Information and profile management.
  • Communicating with you about the discounts, offers, and coupons on our
  • Processing your payment and financial information when you purchase one or
    more services.
  • Providing updates on your account, our services, and changes in the
    company’s policies.
  • Inviting you to register for events and seminars.
  • Enhancing an existing or developing a new service.
  • Maximizing the desired quality output of the internal teams.
  • Ensuring your identity is safe and preventing fraud.
  • Providing you with after-sales services.
  • Conducting surveys and taking feedback from you.
  • Displaying feedback and testimonials on our services along with your name
    after taking consent.
  • Offering contests such as sweepstakes and other promotions where you
    possibly need to register.
  • If you choose to participate, you might also need to provide additional
    information apart from your name, email, and phone number. We will use this
    data to provide you with personalised services in the future.

Personal information Deletion Request

You can email your request to if you wish our team
to remove your data that was obtained while you were browsing our website. You
must provide your full name, phone number, and email address that you used while
filling out the question form in the request letter. You may be required to explain why
you are deleting your personal data, as well as a list of the information you are aware
of that The Nursing Assignment  holds. You can also request that any data you are not
aware of be removed from our database.
How do I find my privacy options?

Accepting or rejecting our cookies is entirely up to you. Open your browser and look
for where cookies are kept if you want to enable or disable them. They are saved in a
separate location by each web browser. When you arrive there, click on the “control” or
“manage” settings to view a comprehensive list of options for removing, erasing, or
enabling cookies. Please keep in mind, however, that refusing cookies may make
navigation of the website more difficult.

Please send an email to from your registered email
address if you want to unsubscribe from our services, newsletters, emails, or
notifications, or if you want to close your user account. Our privacy policy is updated at
our discretion on a regular basis. We recommend that you check this page frequently
for any changes to our policies.

Third Parties

The Nursing Assignment is fully responsible for safeguarding your personal
information against unauthorised access. With the exception of individuals
immediately involved in our internal business activities, we do not disclose any of
your information with other parties. It’s also feasible that they’ll pledge to never share,
sell, or disclose any of our clients’ or website users' personal information.
There may be links to other websites on the internet in the Nursing Assignment. If you
click on the links, you may receive suggestions from our staff about contacting them
about their services and/or products. We do not/cannot guarantee that the material,
services, or products provided by those firms and organisations are legitimate or not
because we may or may not have relationships with those websites. It’s possible that
you’ll have to read through their numerous policies and terms and conditions on their
websites. However, if you have any difficulties with any of the third-party links on our
website, we encourage that you report them to us, and we would be pleased to help you
in any way we can.